Deeper Reading Questions for: Brick: Who Found Herself in Architecture

There is reading and there is reading. Armed with good word recognition, children can read, but if their skills in language comprehension aren't as sound, understanding of what is being read will be limited.  And there is comprehension and there is comprehension.  Possessing an understanding of events at a literal level is quite different to being able to comprehend at a deeper level.  We want to develop thinking readers who use language to make inferences and predictions, who 'picture' what they are reading, who make links and use reasoning skills.  This needs teaching.  Nurture of these skills comes through questioning.  A careful mix of open, higher order questions and some more precise.  To help busy teachers and parents, I will be posting example questions that can be used to develop children's comprehension of some of the high quality texts we have here at Pages of Joy.  For more exclusive content not published here, sign up to our Book Bulletin. 

Deeper reading questions for Brick: Who Found Herself in Architecture.  This resource is recommended for children aged 5 - 7.