Our Blurb

We are Briony and Simon and we welcome you to our online children's bookshop, Pages of Joy.

I (Briony) am a mum and a teacher and the best bit of both those jobs is reading stories and finding pleasure in great books. I wanted to share this joy with as many people as possible - so Pages of Joy was born! We believe books are to be treasured so we carefully hand pick a selection of beautifully written and illustrated ones that we think will bring joy to both children and adults. 

OuR Bookish Values

We live in crazy fast moving times and it is so easy to get swept up on the crest of the throw away culture wave.  Carefully crafted children's books have the power to make us stop and be more mindful.  They are things to be treasured, pored over again and again.  They are special memory makers and joy bringers.  

BooK inspired learning

Books can inspire so much learning and when I'm reading one, learning opportunities keep popping into my head.  It's the teacher in me! To help you put books at the centre of children's learning, see our book inspired learning page and sign up to our newsletter.  

Author and Illustrator

I (Briony) have written and illustrated my own picture book, 'Sleuths, Snoops and Surprises'. 

If it happens to be your purchase, you will receive a signed copy!